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A Supernatural F/F Fic & Art Exchange

because it always needs moar femmeslash

The Supernatural Femmeslash Fic Exchange
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in ur fandom, bringin u femmeslash

Supernatural Femmeslash Exchange
spn_fs_exchange is a low-key fic/mix/vid/art exchange devoted exclusively to Supernatural and Supernatural RPF femmeslash. Much as we love the boys, Supernatural has some kickass, hot-ass, and bad-ass women who are sadly underrepresented in fandom.

Also, we think girl-on-girl action is awesome.

All ratings, kinks, and pairings (long as they’re f/f) are welcome. But be sure to warn in your header.

Absolutely no wank. The purpose of this exchange is to have fun, to celebrate the female characters and actresses of Supernatural, and to create some damn good femmeslash.

Intrigued? Everything you need to know is here:
Rules [here]
Timeline [here]
Sign Ups [here]

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to comment [here].

Now go forth and girlslash.

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