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Darkly Twisted - for lovedbythesun

Author/Artist: casper_san
Recipient: lovedbythesun
Rating: NC-17 (much sex and mind games)
Warnings: This is a very darkfic (at least to me) in some of thinks presented. Dub-con, bondage, submission being the most important. Toys included.
Pairing: Jo/Ruby S4
Summary: Some how Jo has fallen into a trap set by a certain demon that wants to play with her toy.
Notes: When I started to write this, the story took on a life of it's own and went to great levels to induce more kinks then I planned. I hope this is alright. I used some of the lyrics from Angry Johnny and a little of the Garbage lyrics and this is what transpired.

I also apologize for the lateness of this.


Shit. That’s the only thing Jo can think when she walks in the house and the door slams shut behind her all on its own. Well not entirely on its own. The culprit is standing on the worn out staircase, cobwebs adorning it and coating all along the walls like curtains of white.

“Well it seems the mouse came to find the cat,” Ruby, that was what Dean and Sam called her, taunts as she takes one step down, then another. Jo involuntarily starts to back pedal. Her back hits the door all too soon when Ruby touches down to floor level with her. “What? Are you scared of me?”

Jo bites back a sarcastic remark. “What do you want from me?”

“See, I knew you were smart. The little blonde hunter has tricks up her sleeve I said and I’m glad I followed my instincts on you.”

Her lips forming into a frown, Jo tries hard not to lose her focus on keeping distance between the demon and herself. So far, Ruby kept her stance, away from her.

“You still haven’t answered me. And who the hell were you talking to about me?”

Ruby waves her off, like the question has no merit. “I think you should worry more about what I’m going to do to you.”

For some reason, unbeknownst to her, the threat doesn’t land like a death threat. Jo’s stomach does flop but not in what she expects.

“Don’t fuck with me. I’m not in the mood.”

Ruby tilts her head; the long dark tendrils tumble down in waves of blackness. “Oh trust me sweetheart, I can fix that.”


She doesn’t trust herself to do much of anything that would get her the hell out. Hands bound, shirt slit open and eyes blinded by a dark red rag that was slightly too tight, she tries to keep her balance on her toes. The rope around her arms and wrists give little slack as the muscles in her shoulder start to burn. Then again, like this, she’s not exactly sure how that could possibly happen. Her best bet would be if someone came crashing into to rescue her – and she really didn’t like that much better.

“Oh I do love it when my presents are wrapped up all nice and ready.” Jo can feel the touch of a blade, skirting along the exposed skin down her neck. “Just think,” A whisper, lips lightly grazing her ear, Jo can’t do much but slightly tilt her head away from the hot breath that has way too many effects on her than she’d like to admit “you and I could do this for hours and hours. Everyone you know or love thinks you’re on a big hunt. Not even the Winchesters or your Mama will know.”

Shit. She remembers all too well that they’d been told not to worry about her if they haven’t heard from her. Tracking down a spirit that uses electronic frequencies makes it nearly impossible to use a cell phone.

It clicks in her head then. “There is no spirit is there? You concocted that up to get me here.”

Ruby clicks her tongue like she’s disappointed. “Oh, no little one, there definitely was one. I simply used it to my advantage and by the time you arrived, I’d already gotten rid of it.”

Biting her bottom lip, the blonde tries not to jump when the knife slips down harshly, cutting away her bra as it lies limply on her chest. Ruby tugs it away roughly then slips the blade just at the buckle of her jeans, allowing the cool metal to touch her warm skin.

“Mmm, I think these need to go, don’t you?” Ruby doesn’t wait for a reply. The blade slices down and Jo wonders just how sharp that damn thing is to do that to denim. As if sensing her thoughts, the demon presses the tip just a little closer to Jo’s skin, letting her feel a burning heat from the weapon. “This knife is a toy of mine. It could slice a man in half without ever having to break a sweat.” Jo shudders. There is no stopping it. Ruby seems to like this and purrs in approval. “You like that don’t you? The feel of that much danger so close with one small move that could end you.”

The jeans fall in tatters, some still clinging to her while the others fall to land on her outstretched feet.

Jo has to stop from thinking about the muscle spasms that are going to start forming from staying in this state. But she doesn’t have to worry long as Ruby consumes her thoughts with pressing her mouth on hers, thrusting her tongue past her lips and crashing teeth. Moans escape the hunter. Pain shoot up in her arms as she tries to tug away but it only makes the excitement, the pleasure of it that much more intense. A hand slides down to where her panties are becoming soaked.

“Oh, I see you like this a lot more then what you want me to see. That’s not nice at all Harvelle.” With two fingers, she pinches on girl’s clit so hard, tears spring into Jo’s eyes. It soaks into the rag around her face. “Now spread those legs of yours and be a good girl and maybe I’ll give you something for listening.”

Without thinking, Jo tries to move her legs out, adjusting her body so that her body feels like it’s in a ballet pose. Dropping to her knees, Ruby presses another finger against her folds. The material of her underwear is sticking to her like a second skin.

Ruby isn’t about to waste any time. Using her knife again, she drags the tip down her hip, slipping it under the fabric and with a jerk, the material falls back to reveal a glistening mound. “Oh what a pretty little sight. It seems tough hunter is wet for me. Tell me Harvelle, do you like this?” Something cold yet hot pressed into her folds. It took her a full second to realize it had to be the hilt of the knife. It was unusually thick at the end. Jo gnaws on her bottom lip, blood filling her mouth as she lets out a half growl-half cry.

The hilt sits in her for only a short time before its being jerked out and plunging back in hard enough that Jo has to full out scream from the painful force of it. Wherever the hell Ruby got the knife from, it definitely wasn’t from here. Fire seems to erupt in the pit of her stomach as her loins swell and her body is screaming in torture. Dear God, why is she so wet for this bitch?

That’s when she feels it. Something wet and warm touches just above where the hilt sits, it flutters like butterfly wings, teasing and tantalizing the bundle of nerves there.

Ruby can feel her little guest bucking her hips as best she can. Curving her tongue, she lets it delve into the folds, grazing the woman’s clit. A moan, a shudder. Ruby grins and applies the same treatment, and awarded the same result only with a little louder moan and a harsher shudder following.

“For someone who protested so much, you sure seem happy with what I’m doing.” Ruby pulls the hilt out, putting the knife down at Jo’s feet. “I think it’s time.”

At this, the hunter’s eyes, tired and weary, crack open in sheer curiosity. Worry seems to be too much work and she has little energy to build it up.

Barely conscious, she feels something else, something harder and thicker slipping inside her. She lets out a moan at the texture as it grazes sensitive nerve endings. When the length continues, Jo tries to stretch her legs further apart to accommodate. The effort is of no use and it finally dawns on her what the demon is trying to do.

“I know what you want, Harvelle. You want to be filled up to tightly that it hurts. Until you’re screaming from the sheer amount of it, as it pumps inside of you.”

She tries to look down but Ruby blocks her. She wants her to imagine instead of see what’s slipping inside her body. The sound of something clicking on has her eyes widening.

Ruby smirks. Watches as the thing starts to pump little by little before pulling out farther and slamming inside deeper. Tears spring into her eyes, the sheer amount and force surely tearing something. When she thinks it’s too much, when her thighs quiver and her back spasms from all muscles contorting and pulling, Ruby shoves a gag into her mouth. It’s rubber and large, making her jaw unhinge and sit unnaturally and painful.

The surprise of it throws her off the budding orgasm but it quickly picks back up. Jo feels Ruby coming up from behind. “I always wondered what it would be like to fuck someone back here.”

Now panic, real panic, sets in.

Ruby uses the juices dripping down Jo’s legs to slather a little, not nearly enough, to coat her hole and doesn’t wait. The thick double-sided dildo slips mercilessly and both of them cry out from it. Pain is exploding everywhere throughout her body. Tears are now pouring down her cheeks, soaking her hair and dropping down just before her feet.

Ruby pounds away as does the thing working her cunt. She loses count of how many times she comes, how many cries and howls erupt from behind her or the bleeding cuts that from Ruby grabbing her for purchase. She loses count on how many times she curses at being helpless and sinfully aroused. It isn’t until what feels like a half a day passes that she passes out. Sweet black, blissful oblivion enveloping her as she feels someone pressing a kiss to her lips and thanking her for a wonderful night and Jo is content.

So much for panic.


When Jo awakes there is no one in the room but her. She’s lying on the ground; clothes back in perfect order as though they’d never been torn from her body. She blinks away the sleep that still fogs her mind, trying to piece together how exactly she ended up on the floor in this rickety old place. Spider webs, dust filled curtains, and the distinct smell of…sex. Her cheeks flush at this. Wait. Eyes scanning the room better, she spots something sitting on the just as dirty bed. Popping up on her feet, she swears a thousand curses at the shaky things called her legs. Sore muscles screaming in protest and her thighs somewhat sticky, Jo frowns in further confusion. She makes it to bed, spots what’s sitting in the center and it all comes rushing back in vivid colors and images. Thrashes of pleasure…pain…her throat raw from screaming out. And a wicked, sinister smile on an equally wicked sinister female that has her fingers stuffed into Jo’s body. Ruby.

Dry mouthed, she makes a grab for the knife that touched her in a place many hadn’t and swings the blade around as protection. Heat pours from its hilt. Searching the mansion, she finds no one. Not even a sultry brunette with a gift of giving her pleasure.

Tucking the blade at the front of her pants, she can’t help but feel content at the blade nestled against her skin.

If anything, Ruby will be back for the blade. And Jo shall be waiting with an equally enthralling night in return. Slipping out, the hunter heads back into the darkness, hoping she’ll bump into what has bumped into her this night.
Tags: # fanfiction, character: jo harvelle, character: ruby, pairing: jo/ruby, rating: nc-17

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