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Tangoing with Death Has Advantages for lavendergaia

Author/Artist: casper_san
Recipient: lavendergaia
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nothing really.
Pairing: Sophia Bush/ Amy Gumenick and Tessa/ Cross Road Demon (from Crossroad Blues) Along with a fic to accompany it.
Summary: One Wallpaper, One Header, and two icons. Tessa has in encounter with someone that will change her views on some things and open doors to others.
Notes: The fic, I feel could be looked as a bit OOC on both Tessa and the demon, mainly because you don't know much about either. So I just went with it. Sorry if it's a little sucky. I tried. :) This is also the first time writing this pairing.

Tangoing with Death Has Advantages

Smells of tobacco and whiskey drifted up into the air. She hated coming here. It always held the images of death no matter how many times she stopped. Men died while slouched over tables or counters. Women bruised and battered along the bathroom floors. Drug-users behind the building with needle trails racing along their pale cold arms. Tessa hated it all but never voiced any of the emotions that battled to be released. Reapers were not supposed to hate. ‘We are neutral’ her mentor once said to her and she did well to remember it every time thoughts built and progressed in her head, wanting to defy that logic.

But how could it be logical to watch innocent people die? Tessa brushed back her short brunette cropped hair and started for the doorway of the bar when a slender figure leaning against the doorway had her pausing. She frowned.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Chestnut hair pooled down twisting in a half up bun. A leather jacket adorned small shoulders but this woman held nothing weak about her. Sinister was more like it. She could only imagine how many souls were being transported to hell by a hell hound’s teeth because of her.

“Business, same as you.”

Tessa locked eyes with the black eyed bitch. “You call making deals with innocent souls to be taken to hell the same? You truly have yourself on a high pedestal.”

The woman twirled her manicured finger through her tresses. “I do not go to their doors like a salesman lurking for souls. They come to me. Seeking my help. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not innocent, simply unintelligent.”

“Desperate.” Tessa corrected. She frowned, checked the road. “This isn’t a crossroad.”

The demon laughed, “Look at you, smart girl.”

The reaper took a step back, wary. “What are you doing here?” As if sensing Tessa’s guard rising, the demon gave her a once over green eyes raking up her body before she raised a brow.

“Oh – stopping for the view.”

“The view?” Tessa replied suspiciously.

A light tickling laugh that didn’t belong to her left her lips as she locked eyes with the reaper. “Yes. I hear it’s quite – breathtaking.”

Tessa’s frown deepened. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, don’t play coy with me, sweetheart.” Pushing off from her perch against the building, the woman headed towards her. Immediately, Tessa stretched her newly acquired fingers just in case she needed to teach this bitch her place. “You know you want it.”

This had the reaper stumped.

“And what’s that?”

The smile that grew on the demon’s lips twisted Tessa’s stomach in strange ways.


A tickle worked its way at the back of her throat when she felt fingers trailing up her side. “I’m done playing games…” The demon purred in her ear, causing tingles to run up Tessa’s spine.

“I never play games.”

“I know,” She pouted, her lips just an inch from hers, “such a waste too.”

Tessa felt her lips twitch, just for a second and immediately frowned at the foreign impulse.

Looming over her, she used her body to press them further into the backseat of the car. It was bad enough that Tessa had followed this creature. It was downright wrong to go in someone else’s car and do what they were about to do. Or so she thought until she felt a hand dip down between her thighs and tease her just at the start of her nether lips. Her denim black jeans grew tight around her thighs while her short cropped nails created crescent marks along the black leather seats.

“You like this, don’t you?” The demon pressed her stolen mouth on hers, biting her and pulling her bottom lip between sharp teeth before letting go. “You like the thrill of touching the darkness that you so badly try to stay away from.”

“I should just kill you right now and end this.” Tessa spoke the words yet no danger emitted in her voice. She was simply stating that she could and that this – thing knew it.

As if sensing what Tessa was thinking, the hand that had been stroking her stilled then slipped into short dark strands. “Don’t sit there and act all high and mighty, reaper. I tend to know you are far from perfect, just like the rest of us.”


She smirked. “Not normal, sweetheart. Keep up, will you?”

Tessa started to move away, suddenly finding this interaction more then she had wanted but long nails dug into the flesh of her shoulder and tugged her back into the seat.

“What? You think you can have your fun and leave me high and dry? That’s not very polite.”

Glaring, they leveled their eyes to one another. “And what would you have me do? Beg at your feet to please you?”

A glimmer of interest washed over the woman’s eyes. “Now wouldn’t that be sweet.”

She didn’t know why but the impulse to roll her eyes and laugh overridden her normally stoic features. “You must be dreaming then.”

“Oh come on now, don’t you want to have a little fun?”

“Fun isn’t in my job description or my existence.”

“And who made those rules? Why can’t you feel something, even just once?”

Tessa blinked. “Why break any rules?”

The demon tipped back her head and laughed at the ceiling of the Impala they’d stowed away in. “You got to be kidding me. Has anyone ever told you to pull the stick out of your ass and try and live a little?”

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you, reapers don’t do much living considering what their named for.”

“Touché.” She leaned forward, her supple lips once again just a breath away from hers. “I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll show you why it’s good to break the rules and if I succeed in changing your mind, you’ll let me sample that body of yours.”

An eyebrow arched. “Sample?”

Purrs escaped the demon. “I tend to prefer certain assets that can’t be found on the male species.”

Tessa blinked, thought about it then felt her mouth fall open in a breathless gasp. The woman didn’t waste any time as she swooped in and stole whatever breath had been in her lungs with a thrusting tongue and skillful lips.

Wills battled until eventually the kiss took on a life of its own. Tessa felt her body melt against the one pushing her back down on the seat.

“Spread your legs.”

She did and let out a breathless cry when she started to lick the folds of her cunt. Where the fuck had her pants gone?

The demon used her hands and pushed her thighs farther apart.

Tongue dipping inside, she tugged her clit with an index finger just as Tessa started to forget where her clothes had gone and focused on where those hands of would next.

Muscles clenched as a world of white spiraled behind her eyes. She cried out and fell back, damp strands of hair falling over her face and veiling the picture of pure satisfaction.

Licking her lips, the woman sat back on her haunches and tilted her head. “I do believe you just had an orgasm.”

Tessa sighed, “What gave you that impression?”

“A deal is a deal.”

Pulling herself up, Tessa swallowed back an appreciative moan at the woman. Dressed in now nothing but lacy undergarments that showed more then it covered, she shook her head. “You have any more tricks that you’re hiding?”

“Oh, sweetheart, you haven’t seen anything yet.”


Tessa slipped back into the night with a strange sensation of satisfaction dancing in her body. She spotted two brothers slipped out the back of the bar, one looking smug while the other looked somewhat pissed at the shorter one. “Dean.” As if hearing her, his head turned toward where she stood, cloaked. He would not be able to see her until his dying moments. She felt her smile falter. It wouldn’t be long, she realized. Dean shook his head and quickly lumbered into the black car that she’d just been in no more than a few moments prior.

Just as she was about to leave, she heard him turn to his brother and whisper. “Dude, did you leave the car unlocked?”

“No. Why?”

The green eyed hunter shook his head. “Nothing. Just feels like someone came in and did the naughty in the back seat.”

Tessa flushed.






Let me know if you'd like anything changed. :)
Tags: # fanfiction, # graphics, character: crossroads demon, character: tessa, pairing: amy/sophia, pairing: crossroads demon/tessa, person: amy gumenick, person: sophia bush, rating: nc-17
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