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Fic: Saving People, Hunting Things and Being Normal

Title: Saving People, Hunting Things and Being Normal
Author: rule_number_7
Recipient: None
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Rating: Girl!Sam/Jessica, PG
Word count: 1800
Disclaimer: I don't own or claim to own anything from Supernatural.
AN: Written for spn_fs_exchange. My original recipient dropped out so I guess this is for those who like Girl!Sam/Jessica.
Beta: catmint_1984
Summary: Sam doesn’t know if having a completely normal life will ever be possible but as long as she has Jessica’s love, she’ll deal with the occasional lack of normal thrown her way.

They’re both loaded down with bags and Sam tries not to laugh as she watches Jessica battle with her keys while trying to keep from dropping her shopping bags. Sam would help but she’s got her own load. She’s about to suggest that Jessica should just put the bags down when her attention is drawn to movement down the hall.

Sam knows without a doubt that the girl she’s looking at is a spirit and she swears when it flickers before disappearing.

Jessica throws a curious look over her shoulder but goes back to the door. Sam gives the other end of the hallway one more look before she peers over her girlfriend’s shoulder and bites her lip nervously at what she sees. “Jess? Wrong key,” she points out tentatively, ready to remind Jessica that it’s a new apartment and that it’ll take some time to remember which keys are for which doors. She doesn’t have to, though. Instead of getting mad or frustrated, Jessica laughs at herself and Sam is reminded once again why she loves her so much.

“Curtains first!” Jessica announces once they finally get in and put their bags down on the floor. Sam feels silly for getting excited about curtains and dishware and bathmats and everything else they bought. Part of her still worries that all of this will somehow slip away from her. What she just saw in the hallway doesn’t help.

She wraps her arms around Jessica and pulls her close, chin on her shoulder. “What’s up?” Jessica wants to know.

Sam shrugs nervously, trying to brush off the question. “Just happy. You know my family moved around a lot growing up. Then I came to Stanford and lived in the dorms. Never really had an actual place to call home until now. The dorms were still good, though,” she adds, wanting a change of subject. “I had this really hot roomma – ” Jessica elbows her playfully and Sam grins. “Curtains?”

“Curtains,” Jessica agrees. Sam lets her go so she can dig through the bags.


Sam waits until Jessica falls asleep and her breathing evens out before she unwraps her arms from around Jessica and heads to the kitchen with her laptop. There’s a spirit in their building and although Sam vowed she’d never hunt again she won’t risk Jessica getting hurt, especially not by the supernatural.

Sam only has to go back six months to find out who she’s dealing with. Julie Cole, a first year student at Stanford, committed suicide leaving behind parents Tom and Jenny, younger brother Matt and boyfriend Scott. It sounds like an easy salt-and-burn and for that, she’s grateful. Until she realises that she’ll have to come up with an excuse to be out in the middle of the night. She doesn’t want to lie to Jessica but the truth isn’t an option.

She’s just shutting down her computer, ready to go back to bed, when Jessica walks in.

“What are you doing up?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” Sam tells her.

“You should have said something. I’ll gladly tire you out. I promise that once I’m done with you, you’ll sleep like a baby until morning.”

Sam chuckles. “Then why the hell am I still in the kitchen on my computer?”

Jess shrugs and starts walking down the hall to their room. “Beats me.”


The following night, Sam waits until Jessica is asleep again before getting up, getting dressed, grabbing what she needs, and leaving a note on the bedside table saying she can’t sleep and has gone for a walk. The cemetery isn’t far and Sam makes the walk in a little less than fifteen minutes. She picks the lock of the gardener’s tool shed and grabs a shovel before setting off to find Julie’s grave. When she finally does find it, she sighs before dropping the lighter fluid, salt and matches, and starts digging.

Her digging is uninterrupted and by the time her shovel hits the coffin, Sam’s body is aching and her clothes are soaked through. With one last effort, she cracks open the top half of the lid before climbing out and drenching the remains with lighter fluid and salt. Standing back, she drops a book of lit matches into the hole, silently asking the fire to burn quickly before someone catches her.


She’s walking up to her apartment building when she catches movement in one of the windows on her floor. It’s Julie’s spirit.

“Goddamnit!” Sam stops and fixes her with an angry glare until the spirit flickers and leaves. The bones have been burned, which means something else is keeping her here and Sam’s going to have to find it. She’ll probably have to interview the ex-boyfriend, who still lives in the same apartment, and see what he knows, or just break into the apartment when he’s out and see what she finds. She could always call Dean or Dad or send them a message but...

Sam swears again and heads inside. She can figure out her next move in the morning.

Jessica is sitting in the living room when she walks in, a book in her lap and cup of tea in one hand. Sam smiles apologetically. She wants to join her on the couch and reassure her that everything is okay but she needs a shower or Jessica won’t believe that she only went for a walk that turned into a run. She excuses herself, promises to be quick and leaves the room before Jessica even has the time to close her book.

The warm water feels good and Sam lets it run over her, shutting off her mind. She hears the bathroom door open a minute later and Jessica steps into the shower with her moments after that. Arms wrap around her and Sam decides she doesn’t deserve this girl. She’ll do everything in her power to make sure she gets to keep her, though.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” Jessica simply asks. No anger, not even a hint of accusation like Sam was afraid there would be. She knows that if their roles were reversed, unfaithfulness would probably be her first thought.

“I feel like I can’t shake my past,” Sam tells her. She can’t tell her there’s a spirit in their building that she has to take care of before someone gets hurt but she can at least try and get as close to the truth as she can without actually revealing anything. “It feels like no matter how hard I try to get away, it still follows me.”

“You’ll let me know if I can do anything to help?”

“Come to bed and cuddle?”

“Only if you promise to wake me up if you still can’t sleep.”

“Scout’s honour.”


Jessica goes out shopping with friends the following afternoon and Sam takes the opportunity to break into Julie’s old apartment once she’s sure Scott is out. She has no idea what she’s looking for but since the spirit is in the building and used to live in this apartment, Sam’s betting she’s looking in the right place. Finding something belonging to Julie shouldn’t be hard.

Sam starts in the bedroom. There’s a picture on the dresser of a guy who Sam is assuming to be Scott and a girl who’s clearly a girlfriend but not Julie. In the mirror over the dresser, Sam see’s Julie’s spirit and she startles. Julie doesn’t look angry though, just sad.

“I’m guessing she’s what woke you up,” Sam says conversationally. The picture on the dresser flies across the room and hits the wall, the glass shattering as it hits the floor. Sam takes that as a yes to her statement. Julie flickers a few times before disappearing and Sam finds herself letting out a breath.

Getting to work, Sam throws open the closet doors. It’s full of clothes, three quarters of the clothes belonging to the new girlfriend. Sam bends down and digs around the bottom, tossing aside shoes and purses.

“Jeez, and I thought Jess had a lot of stuff. Who the hell needs so many shoes and purses anyways?” Sam mumbles to herself as she searches.

There’s nothing of use to Sam on the floor of the closet so she stands and looks at the top shelf. It has boxes stacked on it and Sam pulls down the first one on the left. Julie’s name is written on the top with a black marker. “Bingo.”

Inside the box, Sam finds various items and amidst the contents is a diary.

“What the hell are you doing in my apartment?!”

Sam spins around, journal in hand, and bites her lip. “I...the thing is...I was just...fuck. Would you believe me if I told you your dead girlfriend’s spirit is still hanging around and I’m trying to put her to rest?”

The guy covers his face and his shoulders shake. He’s laughing. “I just thought I was nuts. I saw her one night and thought I was nuts; thought maybe I had a guilty conscience for moving on so quickly.”

Sam can’t believe her luck. “That’s why she’s here,” she tells him, nodding to the broken picture frame.

“You can really put her to rest?”

“Gotta find what’s keeping her here first so I can burn it.”

“That’s a scrapbook she and her sister made in high school. They were twins. Melissa died in a car crash a few months before Julie took her own life.”

“There wouldn’t happen to be a lock of hair in here?”

“Front page,” he tells her. Sam opens it up and sure enough, right there on the front page on either sides of a picture are two locks of hair.

“I need to burn this,” she tells Scott. He’s about to protest so Sam cuts him off. “It’s what’s keeping her here. The sooner I do this the better. The longer she’s here the angrier she’ll get until she starts hurting people.”

She places the book in a metal wastebasket and when it’s nothing but ash, she makes Scott promise to let her know if he sees Julie again. She’s sure it’s over but it pays to be safe.


Jessica gets back around dinner time, shopping bags and takeout bags in each hand. Sam gladly turns off the TV and tosses the remote aside before getting up to help her. “What have you been up to all afternoon?”

“Killing a ghost,” Sam answers seriously while she digs through one of the bags of food. She looks up and grins. Jess shakes her head in amusement.

“You’re an odd one, Samantha Winchester.”

“But you love me.”

“That I do,” Jess agrees. And really, that’s all Sam can ask for. As long as she has Jessica by her side she’ll deal with whatever else life throws at her.


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Tags: # fanfiction, character: girl!sam winchester, character: jessica lee moore, pairing: jessica/girl!sam, rating: pg
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