jolie chèvre diable (familiardevil) wrote in spn_fs_exchange,
jolie chèvre diable

Ghost in the Sheets, a gift!fanmix + ficlet for goingtoqueens

Author/Artist: familiardevil
Recipient: goingtoqueens
Rating: R
Warnings: Minor language, sex
Pairing: Jo Harvelle/Ruby
Summary: Demon meets girl. Demon saves girl’s life. Demon and girl are sassy together. Girl finds out demon is a demon. Girl and demon have sex anyway. Demon leaves. Girl isn’t too sad because the sex was great but the demon is still a demon.
Notes: Includes individual uploads for each of the ten songs, front and back covers, and the music of course~ Enjoy the fanmix, comments are loved!

art, .zip, fic, and more at my journal
Tags: # fanfiction, # fanmix, character: jo harvelle, character: ruby, pairing: jo/ruby, rating: r
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