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Rules and Information

Welcome to spn_fs_exchange, the Supernatural femmeslash gift exchange. Whether you're a writer, mixer, vidder, or artist (painters, drawers, graphics makers etc are all welcome), if you're a fan of the Supernatural girls getting it on this is the place for you to create a gift for a fellow fan and receive some awesome femmeslashy goodness in return.

Important Dates:
1st August - 21st August 2010 - SIGN UPS!
1st September 2010 (or sooner if possible) - Assignments emailed out
1st - 30th November 2010 - Posting!

The Rules:
1. Femmeslash pairings only. All gifts must include a central femmeslash pairing where two women participate in a romantic and/or sexual relationsip. The femmeslash must be the focus of the gift.

2. We are allowing genderswap with a couple of ground rules:
a) Human characters must be written as having been female from birth (example: always-a-girl!Dean/Ruby, always-a-girl!Sam/always-a-girl!Dean etc) or as identifying as a woman (example: transgendered!Sam/Jess, transgendered!Bobby/transgendered!John).
b) Any angel or demon characters must be possessing a female body through-out the entirety of the relationship.
c) At least one of your requests must have two canonically female characters (example: Jo/Bela, Ruby/Anna, Jess/Madison etc).

3. Original Women Characters (which may be either cisgendered or transgendered) are allowed as long as half of the pairing is a canon character (example: Anna/OC, always-a-girl!Sam/OC etc).

4. CWRPS is allowed as long at least one of the girls is from Supernatural (example: Alona/Julie, Danneel/Genevieve, Katie/Sophia etc).

5. Your gift must meet certain requirements. See below.
fanfiction: must be over 1000 words in length
fanmixes: must include a front and back cover and 8 songs minimum
fanvideos: must be at least two minutes long
graphics: must include a wallpaper, two headers, and 8-10 icons minimum
original art: must include at least two pieces of original art

6. All fics must be beta'd by at least one person and all fanmixes must include downloads for the music.

7. We'll be checking to make sure it fits what your recipient requested. If there are major issues, we'll email you and go over them. We want everybody to end up with a gift they love!

8. If you need to drop out, please let us know as soon as you can.

9. Your fic/mix/vid/art can be rated anything from G to NC-17; however, we can't stress enough how important warnings are. You can white them out if you think they're spoilery, but they must be there.

10. All fics/mixes/videos/art must be original works made solely for this community.

11. All fics/mixes/videos/art must be complete. You cannot post a WIP. If it's a sequel to something you've written previously, it must be able to stand alone.

12. Please don't tell anyone who you're creating for before posting! (Obviously, your beta doesn't count).

13. No wank. None. Any issues, talk to us. One warning, then you will be banned from the comm.

Any questions? Comment here, if not sign up! :)
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